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Does My Insurance Cover the Cost of Chiropractic Care?

Healthcare insurance is confusing. How do you know what your insurance will pay and what you have to pay to cover your chiropractic care? Find out the basics of how healthcare insurance works.

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What payment options are there if insurance won’t cover chiropractic care?

Many people forego care because they don’t have insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. You might ask yourself, “Are there options for someone like me?”

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How Much Does Chiropractic Care Cost?

You have probably heard all sorts of things about going to a doctor and not knowing how much it will cost until after you receive the bill. Nobody likes surprises, especially when it affects your finances.

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Will My Health Savings Account (HSA) Pay for Chiropractic Care?

When looking for chiropractic care, most patients are initially concerned about how to pay for it. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is one option for putting pre-tax dollars away for medical care.

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Flexible Saving Account

What Is a Health Care Flexible Spending Account or FSA and Can I Use It to Pay for Chiropractic Care?

Most people in need of chiropractic care are concerned about how to pay for their care. Here are some frequently asked questions.

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What is a Personal Injury Lien and Can I Use it to Pay for My Automobile Injury Related Healthcare?

So you’ve been in an accident and you’re in pain. We understand that every situation is different. If you were injured in an accident and it was someone else’s fault, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for your medical care.

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