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Does My Insurance Cover the Cost of Chiropractic Care?

pink biggy bank with dollar billHealthcare insurance is confusing. How do you know what your insurance will pay and what you have to pay to cover your chiropractic care?

Find out the basics of how healthcare insurance works. And what you need to know to make the right decision for you!

The following questions will help you make informed decisions and become a smarter healthcare consumer!

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Chiropractic Care?

Insurance coverage differs depending upon your insurance provider and what expenses your plan allows and which fees are your responsibility. Check with your chiropractor to find out what costs are covered and what charges you can expect to pay out-of-pocket.

When you visit your healthcare provider, know the important questions to ask!

What are:

  1. in and out of network benefits,
  2. deductibles and co-pays (family and individual),
  3. out of pocket maximum requirements,
  4. covered vs. non covered services,
  5. options if you have limited or no insurance coverage.

In-network insurance means

Your health care provider has a negotiated rate with your insurance company and has agreed to accept the terms of your insurance coverage as payment.  You may still have a co-pay for services when you visit the doctor’s office. Have your health care provider check your coverage and what your co-pay is before treatment is given.

Out-of-network insurance means

Your health care provider does not have a negotiated rate with your insurance company. Have your health care provider verify your out-of-network benefits and co-pays.

Deductibles and co-pays

A deductible is the yearly amount you pay out-of-pocket for in-network or out-of-network services. A co-pay is the portion you pay each time you visit your healthcare provider or the amount you pay for each prescription. Generally speaking, these co-pays count towards your yearly out-of-pocket maximum for medical services provided to you or your family.

What does out-of-pocket maximum mean?

Most insurance plans have a yearly maximum or limit on how much you spend out-of-pocket.  It is usually a high amount, but it does give you some protection if you have high medical expenses in a given year. Once you meet this number, you will no longer have co-pays or deductibles.

Covered vs. non-covered services

Certain procedures may not be covered by your insurance. Your healthcare provider can check with your insurance company to find out exactly what your insurance covers so there are no surprises.

What are your Chiropractic Care options if you have limited or no insurance coverage?

If your insurance does not cover chiropractic care, you can use your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to pay for care.

You can apply for Care Credit which allows you to pay for the care interest free for up to 18 months.

Ask your provider about medical discount plans that give the provider the ability to discount fees for services that are comparable to insurance coverage.

Always check with your healthcare provider to find other possibilities if insurance does not cover all of your chiropractic expenses.


  1. Know the questions to ask.
  2. Make sure you get the answers before you commit to care.
  3. Neglecting chronic pain can stop you from enjoying life; it’s a bad decision and it can be a costly one.
  4. Your health is your most precious asset. If you are unsure about whether you are covered, call our office to set up a consultation or speak to the doctor directly at (757) 382-5555.

We understand that you need to explore all your options when you look for expert chiropractic care, and we are happy to get you started by answering all of your questions.

Call  our office at 757-382-5555 to set up a consultation. You can also set up an appointment through our webpage.

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