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StemWave Therapy in Chesapeake

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What is StemWave Therapy?

StemWave™ — Area Directed Technology (ADT) offers a non-invasive treatment option that utilizes focused electro-hydraulic sound waves to alleviate/relieve musculoskeletal aches & pains. StemWave treatments jumpstart the body’s natural healing process: generating a natural biological healing response, increased blood flow and migration of stem cells to the damaged tissue

Does Treatment Hurt?

When we are trying to identify damaged tissue or inflammation, we will move the treatment source around the injured area. When the waves from the treatment source penetrate healthy tissue, you won’t feel much of anything. However, when the waves hit damaged tissue, you will experience manageable pain or discomfort– but not of intensity that requires numbing cream or anesthetic.

What to Expect the First Visit – Consultation & Treatment

Our doctor will perform an health history and orthopedic examination to determine if StemWave could possibly help you. A “mapping” session will use the device in a more diagnostic manner to identify the primary area of pain/damaged tissue. Once we map the location we will perform a focused treatment towards that area. This visit will help determine if Stemwave therapy will be effective for you.

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