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Chesapeake VA Chiropractor About Precision Spinal Care

Chiropractors Committed To Quality Chesapeake Chiropractic

Precision Spinal Care was established in October of 2002 and my main desire was to bring quality NUCCA care to the East Coast. Most NUCCA offices are in the Midwest and West coast. There are only three offices in the State of Virginia (Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, and Alexandria). We are the only board certified office in Virginia.

Our Chiropractic Philosophy

As your chiropractor in Chesapeake, our philosophy is nervous system first. We desire to educate our patients that health comes from above down inside out with proactive steps vs from the outside in and reactive steps. For example, the individual who is PROACTIVE about their health built on a solid foundation of NUCCA care so the body can heal itself, eats right, exercises and educates themselves is far likelier to have less chronic pain and disease and live a full life vs. the individual who only REACTS when symptoms appear and who’s only goal is to get rid of those symptoms, typically with passive means such as drugs.

Getting Results With Your Chesapeake VA Chiropractor

We believe as the Chesapeake VA Chiropractor, that patients who get the best results in our practice stay committed to the process of getting well. They educate themselves by attending our health care dinner talk, read our materials in the office and on the website, keep their appointments, ask questions and take an ACTIVE role in their care. They see health as a PROCESS that is delivered and accumulates over time base on the proper rhythms and rituals such as keeping their appointments and staying committed to the process. They make their health a priority and desire to make changes in their nutrition, exercise habits and take responsibility for their decisions, willing to learn healthy habits and getting rid of destructive ones. What makes our Chesapeake chiropractic office unique is we are the only board certified NUCCA office in the state of Virginia. We offer the most specialized and precise form of chiropractic care that can deliver substantial results. There are no cookie cutter approaches with our care. Each adjustment is based on individual unique factors that we measure on the patients x-rays that can allow for over 10,000 different biomechanical combinations of a upper cervical misalignment that blocks the brains ability to communicate properly with the body which can cause pain and the body to not function properly. Key services our practice offers is the NUCCA spinal correction, a specialized chiropractic adjustment that is precise and does not involve any twisting, cracking or popping of the neck and back. As your Chesapeake VA Chiropractor, we offer rehab therapy to help patients hold their adjustments better and rehab bulging discs in the spine. Most of all we offer leadership and guidance to patients to help restore and take control of their own health, not leaving it to the mercy of symptom chasing or the side effect of medications. Our staff is dedicated to the highest quality delivery of NUCCA care. Dr. Packer is board certified, a credential instructor and serves on the board of directors NUCCA URCF. He serves as co-chair of the NUCCA education committee. Dr. Packer also teaches at NUCCA conferences and serves as faculty instructor at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact Precision Spinal Care now to schedule an appointment.

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