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Meet Dr. David Packer

Dr. David Packer, Chiropractor
Chesapeake Virginia

NUCCA spinal correction = NO TWISTING or PUSHING into the SPINE. The procedure is GENTLE, SAFE and extremely PRECISE based on the science of spinal biomechanics.

Our primary mission as your Chiropractor in Chesapeake is to help you become proactive about your health by educating you to the benefits of NUCCA care, proper diet, exercise and thinking right. NUCCA, which stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, is a highly specialized chiropractic technique that involves a painless and safe spinal correction that restores body balances and increases the body’s natural healing ability.

Dr. Packer is a specialist in NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) – this is a highly specialized technique that involves painless and safe spinal correction. Precision Spinal Care is the only board-certified NUCCA practice in Virginia. Treatments are light and gentle, requiring no manual manipulation of the head and neck. Whether you are suffering from chronic neck pain, headaches, migraines, back pain or from an auto accident injury or sports injury, we perform a complete diagnosis and recommend treatment based on precision X-ray analysis and orthopedic measurements. We work with most major medical insurance companies we will verify your insurance before we proceed with treatment.

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Health Affects Everything –
Precision Spinal Care Can Help

Chesapeake Chiropractor, Dr. David Packer explains, “Your health affects the quality of every aspect of your life, including your economic security, the quality of your relationships and the manner in which you live your daily life. More than 100 million Americans experience chronic pain and disease to some degree. NUCCA care can help.”

for the Whole Family

Other Chesapeake chiropractors don’t offer the precision and healing capabilities of NUCCA. This approach is what allows us to find the causes of our Chesapeake chiropractic patients’ problems and correct them.

We can help you achieve a nervous system free of interference and the improved health that goes along with it – just call us to schedule your first appointment at Precision Spinal Care.

Your Chesapeake Chiropractor Can Help!