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Neck Pain Treatment Center in Chesapeake, VA

Whatever treatment you decide to pursue for neck pain it is important that the doctor you see take a thorough history of your pain and symptoms, do functional exams to clinically correlate your pain and then order imaging to confirm or rule out the suspected cause of your pain.

The order should be:

  3. IMAGING based on what is suspected to be the problem.

This ABC approach is what leads to an accurate diagnosis. Treatment options should only be considered after an accurate diagnosis is obtained, not based on just A or B or a guess. Causes of neck pain can vary: disc, nerve root compression, spinal cord compression, facet/joint pain, altered biomechanics and muscular just to name a few. Treatment options vary depending on the diagnosis but most spinal pain options follow this general order from CONSERVATIVE to INVASIVE care. The goal of any treatment program should be the OUTCOME for the patient … pain reduced and functional quality of life restored with minimized risk.

The neck, especially the craniocervical junction has very unique anatomy compared to the rest of the spine and is more susceptible to injury than other areas of the spine. Mechanical problems in the neck can be the cause of radiating pain to the shoulder and arm and even into headaches. Dr. Packer is board certified in NUCCA (a specialty in the upper cervical spine) and credentialed in spinal biomechanical engineering to help accurately diagnose the cause of your neck pain.

If you’re searching for a neck pain treatment center in Chesapeake, VA, Precision Spinal Care is an excellent choice. We can treat a variety of issues and create personalized treatment plans for every patient. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident or ongoing pain due to fibromyalgia, we have the skills to help alleviate your discomfort using the NUCCA Method. Our office is a comfortable and relaxing environment, and we believe in answering all our patients’ questions in a thorough and understandable manner. Since we want to make it easy to obtain chiropractic care, we’re proud to offer:

  • Fast response times
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Comprehensive services

Many people in the Chesapeake community rely on our neck pain treatment center, and we strive to create lasting relationships with our patients. We want to make you feel better as quickly as possible, so we’ll meet with you as often as needed. While in our office, you’ll receive our undivided attention. Contact Precision Spinal Care today to set up a consultation.

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