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New Patient Special Offer | Welcome To Precision Spinal Care

You are invited to discover firsthand, why thousands of Chesapeake residents have come to Precision Spinal Care for prompt pain relief. Print the coupon below and bring it in!

As your chiropractor in Chesapeake, our philosophy is nervous system first. We desire to educate our patients that health comes from above down inside out with proactive steps vs from the outside in and reactive steps. Get started with chiropractic care at Precision Spinal Care today!


Initial Office Visit:


$20.00 for Exam + $50.00 for x-rays if necessary
OR your specialist co-pay



Consultation with Doctor


Orthopedic measurements + exams of joints, nerves, discs, muscles + ligaments


Spinal X-rays with computerized mensuration for diagnosing biomechanical causes of pain


Follow up visit for report of findings from the doctor – this is intended to provide an accurate diagnosis of your problem and a plan to deal with the cause, not just cover up the symptoms.

CALL TODAY: (757) 382-5555
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Print or mention this coupon on your first visit.
Medicare and Contracted Insurance Rules Apply.
Excludes Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation.

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