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NUCCA Chesapeake Researching The NUCCA Technique

As your Chiropractors in Chesapeake, we are dedicated to the restoration of health using the NUCCA spinal correction. The NUCCA spinal correction is based on the unique physics and biomechanics of each patient’s anatomy as treatments are custom designed to meet their specific needs.

The NUCCA spinal correction requires no manipulation, therefore there is no cracking or twisting of the spine involved in our treatment method. The NUCCA spinal correction, which is barely felt by the patient, restores the balance between the head and the neck removing pressure from the nervous system and restoring balance to the entire spine without having to “force” anything back into place. The NUCCA technique is based on science, especially physics and biomechnics as they apply to the human anatomy and corrections are based on the exactness of precise pre and post x-rays. This office is dedicated to providing certification level quality NUCCA spinal corrections.

NUCCA Chesapeake The Research Is Provided For You

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