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Live Healthy and Thrive

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NUCCA: A Model of Body Balance and Noninterference Your body is designed to continually regulate and repair itself. Impulse signals from your brain flow through your nervous system to monitor and control how well your body works. Physical injuries, chemical stress (poor nutrition, toxic substances), and emotional stress can overload your nervous system and inhibit this process. Muscles tighten, spinal joints lock out of place, and nearby nerves become irritated. Nerve interference can cause pain and affect the functions of your muscles, joints, and even the organ systems of your body.

A NUCCA doctor focuses on the exact biomechanics of the spine in order to detect and measure nerve interference. There are thousands of biomechanical variances unique to each individual that can interfere with normal nerve transmission. The NUCCA spinal correction is not a cookie cutter, manual manipulation approach – it is a mathematically calculated, light and gentle force delivered at healthy foodsthe precise point in the spine to restore spinal alignment, remove nerve interference, and revive your body’s ability to heal itself. Follow-up visits retrain and strengthen the spine to hold the new balanced position. Thereafter, only periodic checkups are needed to help you maintain wellness.

This book discusses the common approaches to health and well being, how body imbalance can cause more than just pain and discomfort. You’ll learn about the nerves and their role with regards to each vertebral level and possible symptoms. Dr. Packer discusses treatment options and how to make the right health care choices to maintain balance and health, what to eat, what not to eat and even includes a meal plan. Dr. Packer explains the importance of exercise and simple workout plans and tips along with weight loss thoughts.

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